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Classico Chrono 45 in naturally aged bronze.

This Classico Chrono, brand’s iconic design, features a naturally aged bronze case that eventually will change with the time and make each timepiece unique and different from the others. Innovative crown release system (patented) at 8 o’clock for easy time and date setting.

€ 4.500 VAT. INCL.
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Innovative crown release system (patented) at 8 o’clock for easy time and date setting.

automatic chronograph, modified and personalized at U-BOAT specifications for date display
and stem position at 9 o’clock. Laser cut rotor as by U-BOAT specifications.
Frequency 28,800 vibrations per hour; 4 Hz. Power reserve 48 hours. 25 Jewels.

hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, 24h indicator, date.

in naturally aged bronze, distinguishing crown on left side, with a patented protective device.
Diameter 45 mm. Serial number engraved on a small plate fixed on the side of the case.

see through, sealed with 7 external screws, sapphire glass.

brown. Beige Arabic numerals, beige hands and markers, treated with superluminova.
Hand of 24h indicator in red colour.

sapphire with anti-reflective blue coating.

100 mt, 10 ATM.

hand made and hand finished calf leather, bronze tongue buckle. Width 20/20 mm.

The untreated bronze has a natural changing of its shades with time, this
makes each watch completely original and one of a kind with a natural
vintage appearance.

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